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Chael Sonnen Says Bisping Ready For Title Shot Right Now

Heading into his last minute bout with Chael Sonnen, most people wondered if Michael Bisping was worthy of the title shot that was on the line — although few gave him a shot to actually beat Sonnen to earn it.

Come fight night, The Count did exactly as he said by handling everything Sonnen threw at him only to turn around and give it right back, just as good and oftentimes better than his opponent, proving his critics wrong in the process. Though Bisping didn’t walk away with the victory last night as many believed he should have, he does walk away having proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is one of the middleweight elite.

Even Chael Sonnen thinks so.

“I have no excuse for tonight. I fought as hard as I could fight. I fought a really good fighter that we didn’t now was a really good fighter,” Sonnen said of Bisping. “Good for him.”

Now poised to rematch Anderson Silva for the title, Sonnen asserted that it would be no crime for The Count to have been awarded the victory and the title shot, as he’s as ready to challenge Silva as anyone in the division.

“Somebody asked earlier, ‘Will he ever fight for the title?’ I can assure you, having fought him and the alleged champion, he could win the title today if they gave him his opportunity,” he said.

Sonnen and Bisping met in the co-main event of UFC on Fox 2, which took place at the United Center in Chicago; click here for full results.