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Chael Sonnen Continues To Call Out Anderson Silva

Chael Sonnen may have his hands full with Michael Bisping on tonight’s card on Fox but that is not stopping him from calling out Anderson Silva, in a rivalry that has had its fair share of bad blood.

Last week, Sonnen sat down with MMAWeekly Radio to explain his hatred for the current UFC middleweight titleholder.

“I think he got there phonily, I think he got there on false pretenses, and I’m not going to sit back idly while it happens,” said Sonnen. “My frustration isn’t just with Anderson. Anderson’s out there doing his thing, he’s having fun, good for him, but a lot of my frustration comes with the fellow fighters. It comes from when fellow fighters are in the back asking Anderson for an autograph.”

Sonnen went on to say that his dislike for Silva may stem from jealousy, but nonetheless, he feels that Silva is underserving of the praise and attention he has received. Sonnen even likened the Spider’s run to that of Tyson before his losses to Holyfield.

“So Mike walks through, I mean he gets endorsements, his bank account grows, and this fake image it gets so big you almost can’t stop it. But we’re going wait a minute, you’re not a world champion Mike. You’re not even America’s champion. Evander is. But if you duck and dodge and have a promoter that keeps you away from these guys, it’s possible to do,” commented Sonnen.

Yet, such criticism from Sonnen is far from unusual. The Oregonian is one of the loudest voices in MMA inside and outside the Octagon. After giving Silva his greatest test in years at UFC 117, Sonnen hopes he will get a chance at redemption.

“I don’t like Anderson. I want everything Anderson’s got. I’m going to bring him down and I’m going to bring him down any means possible.”

With a win against Bisping, Sonnen may actually get an opportunity to back up his talking. The current number 2 middleweight according to the USA Today/BE Consensus Rankings is rumored to take on Silva in Brazil with a victory tonight.