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Rashad Evans: Phil Davis Is In Deep Water And I’m The Shark

Hearing Rashad Evans talk about his UFC on Fox 2 main event opponent, Phil Davis, it’s clear that Suga sees his young foe as a fish out of water in the fight game, a tremendous athlete who’s made his way on those talents, but possesses no true warrior spirit.

Ahead of their light heavyweight battle tomorrow night in Chicago, Evans is starting to believe that Davis might be seeing things that way, too.

“Davis is intimidated. I’ve seen him around and he’s not looking too confident. He’s not ready for this level, and he knows it,” Evans asserted. “He’s coming to put up a good show, go back down a level, and come back again in a year or two. He’s not coming to take it to me, but I’m gonna take it to him. After I had my year off, I came back with the attitude of never, ever leaving it up to the judges and just throwing hands all the time. That’s the way my career is going to go, and that’s how I am going to.”

Evans has made it known that he sees his experience and veteran’s savvy being far too much for Davis, who’s still relatively green and whose mettle Suga seems not to hold in high regard. Put differently, Evans’ is the shark and Davis is the minnow.

“Phil is just a nice guy. He’s not a fighter,” he said. “He’s an athlete, a great athlete, but not a fighter. He has no killer instinct for this and he’s got no experience at this level. He’s never fought at heavyweight like I had to to get into the UFC. He didn’t get punched by Chuck Liddell and Rampage Jackson like I did. He’s not had to dig deep at all.

“He’s in deep water, and I’m the shark.”

Evans and Davis will do battle tomorrow at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Don’t forget to check back on FightLine on Saturday for our live, ongoing coverage of the event.