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Michael Bisping Focused On Beating Chael Sonnen, Not On Fan Opinion

This Saturday night’s UFC on FOX 2 co-main event features two of the UFC’s most polarizing figures: Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping. With the promotions most notorious heels doing battle against one another, there’s been some conjecture over what the crowd reaction might be, whose side they’ll take.

The two brash and often controversial middleweight fighters will be squaring off for a shot at 185lbs. kingpin Anderson Silva. Considering those stakes, Michael Bisping, for one, won’t be bothered one way or the other by the crowd’s reaction.

“I couldn’t care less who’s the heel, who’s liked, who’s the fan-favorite,” he recently told FightHubTV. “There’s a lot on the line in this fight. A world title shot is on the line. I couldn’t give a sh** who the fans are cheering for. All I care about is winning.”

And though he’s being widely cast as the underdog against Sonnen, winning is exactly what Bisping intends to do.

“Chael Sonnen’s probably gonna look to control me on the floor and ground and pound me, which he’s very good at. I’m not gonna let that happen,” he said. “I’m gonna work back to my feet; I’m gonna turn the tables. I’m gonna look for the knockout, of course.”