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Erick Silva Paid Win Bonus, DFW Says Appeal Possible

Highly-regarded Brazilian welterweight prospect Erick Silva should have picked up his fifth straight win – fourteenth overall – last night in Rio, but because of an error made by the referee, the 27-year-old wakes up today technically un-victorious.

Silva took on well-traveled veteran Carlo Prater on the main card of UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes last night at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro. A big knee and follow up ground and pound by Silva left Prater senseless on the mat early into the first round, prompting referee Mario Yamasaki to halt the contest.

However, when it came time to read the decision, it was revealed that Yamasaki had called the fight a disqualification in Prater’s favor for seeing what he believed to be strikes to the back of the head delivered by Silva. Though the instant replay showed that a minute amount of Silva’s punches struck the back of Prater’s head, Yamasaki’s decision had already been recorded officially.

Despite officially losing, UFC president Dana White announced post-fight that Silva would be paid his win bonus. Sympathetic to the difficult nature of Yamasaki’s job, White suggested Silva look to appeal the loss through official channels.

“I would appeal it if I was him,” said White. “The thing is that when you do it, Ratner is the guy to talk to about this. We try to run things the way that they’re supposed to be run, like the athletic commission would.

“Listen, there are refs out there like Steve Mazzagatti that are just plain bad. He’s a bad ref. He’s got no business in the ring. But you’ve got guys like Mario Yamasaki and some of the other guys that are going to make mistakes. There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. There’s nothing wrong. We’re f***ing human. We’re going to do it. But you have to be able to go back and say, ‘We made a mistake. Here’s the proof. Let’s overturn it.'”

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