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UFC 142: Sam Stout Vs. Thiago Tavares

The following is from our live coverage of ‘UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes. To access our full coverage, click here.

Round 1: They touch gloves and get to it, Tavares taking the center. Tavarse closes the distance behind a right hand and takes Stout down against the fence in short order. Tavares attempts to take Stout’s back as he stands, but he slips out and lands a few punches before defending another takedown. Stout knocks Tavares off balance by catching a kick. Tavares closes the distance again and again he gets the takedown. Tavares slips in a nice left that surprises Stout as he works to his feet. Tavares with a big slam to prevent Stout from wall-walking. Stout keeping his head and looking to get to his feet, Tavares fighting to keep him down. Stout gets to his feet but gives up his neck, Tavares rolling for the guillotine. Stout defends and reverses, now working from Tavares’ guard. Tavares rolls for a leg lock. Stout defends but Tavares gets to his feet. Stout lands a nice right hand that gets Tavares backing up. Good left to the body by Stout. Tavares with a right hand over the top. Stout avoids a takedown but eats a left hand.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Tavares

Round 2: Stout steps in with a nice right hand. Stout avoids a pair by Tavares and answers with a slick counter combo. Tavares drives in for the takedown, but Stout defends it and moves away. Tavares with a stiff right that pops back Stout’s head. Tavares is denied on another takedown attempt. Stout to the body. Tavares goes over the top with a right and frustrates Stout with a follow up jab. Stout defends another takedown. Stout starting to put it together, landing a kick to the body and a multi-punch combo to follow. Stout lands a hard left hand to the body. Tavares grazes Stout with a head kick that’s opened a leaking cut on the top of Stout’s head. Stout still coming forward, they plant and trade, both getting in a good shot. Stout lands a good body kick while pursuing Tavares. Stout goes to the body with a right hand. They trade leg kicks before the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Stout

Round 3: Tavares lands a nice right hand that gets Stout smiling. Stout tags Tavares low with a leg kick after eating a right hand. He apologizes immediately; Tavares takes a long time to recover, but he does and they get back to it. Both men throwing, Stout keeping Tavares on the defense. Stout stuffs a takedown. Tavares with a nice leg kick. Tavares is winging some hard overhand rights that Stout has been able to avoid so far. Stout defends another takedown impressively. Two and a half minutes to go, Tavares bleeding from the nose. It’s very close on the feet right now, both men getting in their shots. Stout takes a body kick. Stout sits Tavares down with a straight right hand and foes on the prowl, landing a volley of hard strikes that have Tavares in survival mode. He makes it to the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Stout

Thiago Tavares defeated Sam Stout via unanimous decision (no scores read)