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Report: Johnson Overweight As A Result Of Medical Issue

Anthony Johnson missed weight by eleven pounds today for his UFC 142 middleweight debut against Vitor Belfort, tipping the scales at 197lbs. Johnson has been know to miss weight in the past, but moving up from welterweight to middleweight was thought to be a remedy to that issue. Such was not the case this time around, with Johnson far missing the mark.

Speaking with MMAWeekly though, Johnson’s management explained that the fighter failed to make weight as a result of undetermined medical issues and not for not trying.

“It was medical reasons, it wasn’t for lack of effort,” Glenn Robinson of Authentic Sports Management said. “The UFC was extremely supportive and said health comes first.”

Johnson is said to have been on target to make weight, but the sudden onset of sickness and instability prompted UFC doctors to examine him, administering fluids to the fighter in hopes to improve his condition. The addition of fluids to his system undid some weight that he had cut, making it much more difficult for the fighter to make weight on the official day.

Now, in addition to forfeiting twenty percent of his purse to Belfort, Johnson must weigh in for a second time tomorrow at or under 205lbs. in order to keep the bout alive. Robinson assured that Rumble will make the weight tomorrow and put on a show once the cage door closes.

“AJ will be at 205, it will be a great fight tomorrow in Brazil and the fans will get to see a tremendous, tremendous battle between two amazing athletes,” he said.

Johnson and Belfort meet tomorrow night at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. FightLine will be back on the night, as always, with our live, ongoing coverage of the event.