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Video: Chael Sonnen Gives Talk On Intensity

Top UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen could recently be heard giving advice to a group of young competitors (via Flo Wrestling) on intensity, a speech which certainly offers some insight to his hard-nosed competitive style.

“If a guy clubs you, you club him as hard, or harder, and you do it right then. You don’t wait a minute and then come back with it. He clubs you, you club him right back, right then. He’ll stop doing it. If you’re in a match and a guy gets intense, you get intense right back, right then, as hard or harder, right now and he’ll stop doing it,” Sonnen said. “One-up him. If he slaps you, punch him. He punches you, kick him. He kicks you, stab him. He stabs you, shoot him. He shoots you, you go kill his family. One-up him and you do it right then. Don’t let him push you around. It’s a mindset, of course I’m not talking about hurting anybody.”

Check out the full video below and try not to club anyone.

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