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BJ Penn Warns Coach Cesar Gracie To Get Training

And the Twitter feud goes on.

After announcing his retirement from MMA following a decisive beating at the hands of Nick Diaz this past October, BJ Penn has remained mostly quiet. When pressed on the future of his career, The Prodigy said only that he would be taking time to focus on training, while leaving the possibility of a return to action open should his competitive fires begin to burn hot again.

Throughout it all, Penn maintained respect towards Diaz and his camp, Team Cesar Gracie, until this week, when he launched a random tirade at the California based fight team, which has kicked off a back and forth.

Penn accused Diaz of playing a coward’s game for “tiring out the smaller man,” comparing him to “glass jaw” Jon Fitch and apparently announcing his intention to return to action by saying he’d be ready for that the next time they fight.

Cesar Gracie responded through GracieFighter, lamenting Penn’s lack of development as a result of the “Yes Men” he harbors in his entourage and the fact that they’re refusal to be real with Penn leads to inconsistencies in his performances and excuses after losses.

Unsurprisingly, the hot-tempered Hawaiian didn’t take kindly to Gracie’s rebuttal, so he offered one of his own:

@CesarGracieBJJ Excuses?? The whole world knows I lost the fight including myself. I’m tired of you talking down to me Cesar, I hope you’re in training camp right now because the next time I see you, you better not be “scared homie!”

Don’t expect this one to clear up with everyone shaking hands and smiling…