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The Daily Line: BJ Penn Calls Out Nick Diaz And Jon Fitch

Well, it sounds like BJ Penn is un-retired.

Following his October battle with Nick Diaz, which saw him fade after a strong first round to take possibly the worst and most demoralizing beating of his career, MMA legend BJ Penn gracefully called it quits from the sport. Having always been prone to capriciousness, Penn has since changed his tune, opting to take a hiatus and train, with an eye on returning to action should his competitive fires get stoked.

Judging by the tweet and pic (posted above this article) that the former UFC lightweight and welterweight champ posted this afternoon, it would appear that he’s reached that point.

“ – @nickdiaz209 Look how much bigger you are in this pic..I thought you were gonna scrap from the beginning homie? What was that coward fence holding strategy to tire out the smaller man? Street fighter my ass! I made you fight like glass jaw @jonfitchdotnet poser!”

It would be hard to say honestly that either Penn or Diaz fought like a coward in their UFC 137 main event tilt, but this isn’t the first time that Penn has found a reason to get mad at an opponent after the dust has settled from their fight.

Although the prospect of BJ Penn returning to competition is an exciting one, The Prodigy should considering returning to lightweight, where he’ll be facing fighters much closer to him in size.