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Urijah Faber Discusses Sister’s Recovery, Says She’s “One Hundred Percent”

UFC bantamweight contender and impending TUF coach Urijah Faber had his attention diverted from mixed martial arts last year when his sister, Michaella Tastad, was involved in a traffic accident shortly after Thanksgiving that left her in a medically induced coma.

Tastad suffered severe head trauma as well as a multitude of other life-threatening injuries, but has been steadily on the mend since the accident. With his sister recovering, Faber showed up to UFC 141 last week in good spirits and with a shaved head in solidarity. He spoke recently with MMAWeekly about her improving condition.

“She’s been home ever since the day before Christmas and she’s been doing awesome. She’s a little miracle,” said the California Kid. “She’s got her head shaved and she’s got her skull removed still – that was just to relieve the brain pressure. She had surgery and everything, she’s walking and talking just like normal, but still have to get her skull put back on. I’m really, really happy with everything. It’s been great.”

With the harrowing early days of Tastad’s accident handing him a healthy and rarely received dose of fear, Faber is elated that his sister’s recovery has gone and continues to go so well.

“Man, it was scary. I don’t have many times in life where I really am frightened and I was. I was in New York for about an hour when I got the call from my mom and then hustled back, I was on a flight an hour and a half later. The first week was just about surviving, once we got past that it was all uphill. It was all positive and good things and it’s continued that way,” he said. “It’s been great and we’re really fortunate to have her with us, and especially in the condition she’s in: she’s one hundred percent.”

Check out the full interview with MMAWeekly below.