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Alistair Overeem Got His Money, But Golden Glory Isn’t Done Yet

Number one UFC heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem’s split from longtime training/management team Golden Glory has been anything but amicable. Since parting ways, Overeem and Golden Glory (Knock Out Investments) have both filed lawsuits against each other alleging the owing of outstanding payments by the other party.

Just ahead of his December 30, 2011, UFC 141 blockbuster main event bout against Brock Lesnar, it was revealed that Golden Glory would be attempting to garnish Overeem’s wages – aided by the ruling of a Nevada judge – from the fight in the sum of near $240,000. The attempt failed when Golden Glory neglected to pay down a $200,000 bond necessary to execute the order.

Though Golden Glory haven’t gotten their money yet, their legal representative, Roderick J. Lindblom, recently stated that this was only the beginning and that he and his clients will not rest until they have received the money they’re owed.

The UFC paid Alistair Overeem on Friday night, immediately following his UFC 141 win. This took place prior to the posting of the $200,000 bond by KOI and Golden Glory, which was required to place a hold on $241,000 of Overeem’s fight purse. This was a short-term possibility that KOI and Golden Glory were prepared for. Seeking the initial writ was merely the first step in a long-term litigation strategy that KOI and Golden Glory will prosecute in Nevada. The writ of attachment remedy remains fully available to my clients and will be sought as to Mr. Overeem’s future pay-per-view payout, which we expect will be more lucrative than his initial fight purse. Rest assured, now that we have had the opportunity to troubleshoot complex international hurdles — and without a long holiday weekend to contend with — future writs of attachment will be utilized to ensure that Mr. Overeem makes good on the commissions owed to my clients and his Golden Glory training team, who helped him achieve the success he now enjoys.