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Brock Lesnar May Be Retired, But He’s Still Under Contract

Former UFC heavyweight champ and pro wrestling superstar Brock Lesnar officially announced his retirement last night following the one-round beating he took from Alistair Overeem.

Lesnar’s emotional post-fight speech still echoing through the MGM Grand, reporters began to speculate about the reclusive giant’s future – about whether he would return to professional wrestling for a few less taxing paydays or if he would truly stay retired at all.

UFC president Dana White seemed pretty sure that Lesnar meant it when he said he was done fighting and was nothing but supportive that decision and praising of the 5-3 fighter’s impressive career. However, when it came to talk of whether or not Lesnar would be allowed to ply his trade in the pro wrestling ring, White sounded as though the UFC would be slightly less accommodating to one of it’s biggest draws in that regard.

“I mean when he retires, he retires under contract,” White said, indicating that Lesnar wouldn’t be able to compete anywhere else, doing anything, until his contract with the UFC has expired. “I’ve had my moments with Brock Lesnar, but I’ve had a great relationship with him. We’ll figure it out, no big deal. Never had a situation with a guy where we haven’t done the right thing.”

White couldn’t or wouldn’t specify exactly how long Lesnar’s contract will run or exactly what it means for him to have retired under contract.