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UFC 141: Anthony Njokuani Vs. Danny Castillo

The following is from our live coverage of ‘UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem. To access our full coverage, click here.

Round 1: Njokuani working his range against Castillo, keeping him on the end of his punches. Castillo ducks under a punch and hits a quick takedown, but Njokuani gets to his feet. Castillo staying on him though, hanging onto him against the cage, working knees to the thigh. Castillo working relentlessly for the takedown, he gets Njokuani down against the fence. Castillo takes a low mount, which Njokuani is defending by scooting up the cage. Njokuani gets to his feet and hits a trip, but Castillo stays on him like glue, working the knees to the thighs still and trying to drag him to the mat. Castillo gets a big takedown and takes Njokuani’s back as he tries to scramble to his feet. Castillo working for the choke, but Njokuani turns into Castillo’s guard. Castillo gets to his feet and Njokuani slaps on a guillotine, which Castillo negates by picking him up and slamming him to the mat. Njokuani gets to his feet and lands a nice knee. Njokuani tries to land a few before the bell, but his arms look a little heavy from the grappling.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Castillo

Round 2: Castillo trying to work punches, but having a hard time touching the taler fighter. Njokuani sprawls out of a takedown and lands a nice knee. Njokuani avoids another takedown attempt. Njokuani starting to time Castillo, avoiding his shots and countering well. Njokuani stuffs another takedown and starts to work from the plum, landing solid knees and a crisp elbow before breaking. Njokuani sits Castillo down with a hard right hand, but Castillo presses forward through a few hard knees and gets the takedown. Castillo sitting in Njokuani’s guard, doing little damage, but taking the time to recover. Njokuani gets to his feet briefly, but Castillo puts him back down.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Njokuani

Round 3: The striking starts out a bit more even this time around. Njokuani sprawls out of another takedown, but Castillo stays on him and eventually gets him down against the cage. Njokuani trying hard to get to his feet, and he eventually does, but Castillo is still riding him. Njokuani rolls for a kneebar, allowing him to get to his feet. Njokuani lands a nice knee from the clinch. Castillo gets Njokuani down again though, pressing him into the fence. Njokuani gets to his feet, but again, Castillo stays on him. Njokuani frees himself with thirty seconds to go and starts after Castillo, letting go with punches and kicks. He pressures until the end, but can’t finish before the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Castillo

Danny Castillo defeated Anthony Njokuani via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)