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Label Brock Lesnar Whatever You Want, But Don’t Forget He’s A Fighter

Sure, Brock Lesnar was a World Wrestling Entertainment Champion, but before that, he was an NCAA Division-1 amateur wrestling champion.

You can label Lesnar however you want, as long as you understand that, right now, he’s a mixed martial arts fighter competing near the top of the UFC heavyweight division. What came before and what will come after are just different chapters in the Brock Lesnar story.

“Well, I was a former WWE champion. I mean, if you’ve lived in a cave for the last fifty years, you probably think it’s real, but it’s not. I’m sorry,” Lesnar said at yesterday’s UFC 141 pre-fight press conference. “But, at the end of the day, what got me to that stage was being an amateur wrestler and being a Division-1 NCAA champ. It’s just been my career. I haven’t labeled myself that. I go as Brock Lesnar, the UFC fighter. You guys can put whatever label you want on me, I don’t really give a s***.”

Lesnar the UFC fighter will take on fellow heavyweight bruiser Alistair Overeem tomorrow night in the main event of UFC 141, which will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.