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Brock Lesnar: The Underdog With A Big Bite

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar insists that he doesn’t care about or pay attention to the betting lines ahead of his fights, but consistently being reminded that he’s the underdog does seem to be getting under his skin.

At yesterday’s pre-fight press conference for his impending UFC 141 battle against Alistair Overeem, Lesnar was asked how he felt about being cast as the underdog, to which he replied abruptly: “The underdog with a big f***in’ bite, alright?”

Many see Overeem’s edge in experience and striking being too much for Lesnar to deal with, especially after coming off of such a long layoff and returning in questionable form. Curt as usual, the 34-year-old explained that he’s done all he can to prepare for every threat Overeem poses and is confident that he can claim victory despite the odds.

“We’ve watched all of Alistair’s fights. We’ve studied him and I believe that we’ve left no stone unturned and I’m prepared for anything,” he said. “You can’t underestimate anybody, in this division and in this organization. So, anything can happen at anytime. Somebody’s gonna enter the Octagon and win and somebody’s gotta lose. That’s why you people pay big money.”

UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem goes down tomorrow night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Check back on FightLine tomorrow for our live, ongoing coverage of the fights.