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With Strikeforce Business Handled, Overeem Setting Sights On UFC Gold

Alistair Overeem left Strikeforce and was signed to the UFC before he had cleaned out the Strikeforce heavyweight division. The Reem is in a much more high-profile show now, but he is driven by his competitiveness more than by money or fame. So, does he feel that he has any unfinished business from his time as Strikeforce heavyweight champ?

“I really wanted the Fedor fight to happen,” Overeem recently told MMAWeekly. “I challenged him on two different occasions, before he fought Werdum and immediately after. Unfortunately the fight didn’t happen, and I basically let it go. He was the one I wanted to fight. Other than that, I wanted to fight Werdum, and that fight happened, so we’re good.”

Beyond that, Overeem has always had his sights set on the UFC, on facing the promotion’s best fighters and eventually challenging for the belt.

“I’m going to tell you which fight I wanted: Brock,” he said. “Me versus Brock was something that I heard a lot fans speak about for a long time. But of course I was not with the UFC so that fight could not happen. … And of course, after this one, when I win it, (a fight) for the title.”

Overeem will get his shot at the belt if he can get past Lesnar this Friday in the main event of UFC 141, which goes down at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.