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“UFC 141: Lesnar Vs. Overeem” Pre-Fight Presser Notes And Quotes

UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem goes down this Friday, December 30, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The two featured bouts will be between heavyweights Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem, in the main event, and lightweights Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone in the co-main.

Those four fighters and UFC president Dana White comprised the dais today for the UFC 141 pre-fight press conference.

Notes and Quotes

-“All I can say: I’m trained, I feel good. My shape is there, my conditioning is there and I’m really looking forward to facing Mr. Lesnar this Friday.”

-Lesnar again confirms that his health is on point and points out that the question has been asked and answered three million times already.

-“I’m the underdog with a big f***in’ bit, alright?” – Lesnar on Overeem being the betting favorite.

-Dana White excited to see “mean, nasty and talented” Diaz and Cerrone go at it.

-Overeem expects a finish before the second, believes it will end in his favor.

-Overeem not surprised he’s favored over Lesnar, had the same amount of fights as Lesnar does now when he was nineteen.

-Dana White still selling Overeem vs. Lesnar as “striker vs. wrestler.”

-Cerrone and Diaz say altercation is done and over with, they’re both just here to fight. Cerrone understands Diaz’s mindset, not wanting to be friends with prospective opponents.

-Overeem says he’s ready for wherever the fight will go, not just expecting a grappling attack from Lesnar.

-Diaz is happy to have the opportunity to show his skills, represent his team and family in a big fight on New Year’s Eve.

-Lesnar is just excited to be here after the tumultuous year he’s had.

-Overeem promises a fantastic night this Friday.

-Cowboy is “super-excited” to be on the biggest show of the year and to close out the year with a bang.

-Lesnar says stint in WWE helped groom him to be in front of the camera, enjoyed being an analyst on Fox.

-Overeem: “The UFC title would be the crown on my career, but let’s not look past Brock Lesnar.”

-Diaz says he trains hard in boxing and kickboxing to be prepared for anyone. Against Cerrone, “we’ll just have to see what happens Friday night.”

-Overeem says Pat Barry isn’t on his level and won’t have adequately prepared Lesnar for their fight. Also asserts that Lesnar won’t be able to get the takedown on him.

-Lesnar said he grew up fighting, “going to the next town to scrap, steal guys’ girlfriends.”

-Cerrone: “Will I shake his hand after the fight? Probably not, no.”

-Lesnar believes he and his team have left no stone unturned in regards to prepping for Overeem. Says you can’t underestimate anyone in the UFC.

-Cerrone says he’s looking to fight in Japan in February with his boy Leonard Garcia.