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Jason “Mayhem” Miller Looks Back At Tough Defeat Against Michael Bisping

In his UFC re-debut, Jason “Mayhem” Miller lost emphatically to a man he couldn’t stand in Michael Bisping and drew his boss’ ire by looking pretty bad in the process.

A talented fighter with respected technical skills, Miller simply looked off when he fought Bisping in The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale main event, a victim of apparent Octagon jitters as well as over a year-long layoff. On top of all that, UFC president Dana White has made it sound like Miller might not have a job on the sport’s biggest stage anymore, though Miller has been informed of exactly nothing in terms of his UFC future.

Supremely disappointed in himself and his performance, Miller spoke with MMAFighting’s Ben Fowlkes recently, and explained that he can look back on the otherwise dismal fight and find a bright spot.

“I went out there and took my ass-whipping like a man,” said Mayhem. “I wore it like an Armani suit. I thought, I might have nothing left, but I’m going to go out here and try. I’m going to swing for the fences. And I did, but I came up short. That’s the harsh reality of ultimate fighting.”

An experienced veteran, Miller believed prior to the fight that his nerves wouldn’t affect him and neither would the layoff, but he admits to being rudely proved wrong on both counts on fight night.

“I didn’t think that that layoff would do anything to me. But man, it was apparent that it did,” he said. “I kind of freaked out in there. I’ve got to admit it.”

At this point, with his career in limbo, Miller can only look to improve and do his best from here on out. After all, there isn’t much he can do about it if the UFC hands him his pink slip.

“It’s their playground,” said Miller. “If they don’t want me in it, what choice do I have?”