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Jon Jones: “Someone Tell Chael He Knows Where I’ll Be Waiting”

You want a fight with Jon Jones, you won’t have to look far.

The UFC light heavyweight champion recently responded to outspoken middleweight Chael Sonnen’s recent declaration that he’s done chasing UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (who isn’t actually ducking anyone, just nursing a shoulder injury) and will now set his sights on some of the UFC’s other champions.

Speaking with Off the Record’s Michael Landsberg before the holidays, Sonnen had this to say when the topic of fighting Anderson Silva was broached.

“I’m done with the guy. He and I have no business,” Sonnen said. “This guy is cold product, man, he’s like Jheri curls and Pepsi Clear. He’s yesterday’s news. I destroyed this guy back when he was tough. That was years ago. He’s so far over the hill and past his prime, it’s not worth talking about. I’m going to become the number one contender on January 28th, but despite what you may think, I’m not going to use that voucher to fight Anderson Silva. I’ll be looking at [Junior] dos Santos, [Jon] Jones and possibly [Georges] St. Pierre. But that – I will take that voucher to Dana White and I will pick one of those three guys. My time with Anderson is done.”

Just to let Sonnen know he’s welcome to try his luck at light heavyweight, Jones tweeted the following: “Someone tell Chael he knows where I’ll be waiting.”

“217 pounds of muscle, steel and sex appeal” though he may be, Sonnen might just be biting off more than he can chew prodding at the UFC’s bigger dogs.