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Alistair Overeem Betting On A First Round Finish Over Lesnar

Alistair Overeem has earned just about every heavyweight title worth mentioning that doesn’t have “UFC” stamped on the front of it and now he’s on the hunt for the last belt he needs to make his collection complete.

The Reem will take on another man hungry for the belt, former UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar, this Friday at UFC 141 for a shot at Junior dos Santos’ championship title. The towering Dutchman gives respect to his opponent, but doesn’t give him much of a chance on fight night.

“Brock is, first of all, a tremendous athlete,” he assesses. “He’s a very strong guy, has strong wrestling – excellent wrestling, excellent takedowns. His weaknesses are my strengths. Brock doesn’t like to get hit and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do to him. I’m gonna hit him and I’m gonna hit him as hard as I can – and I’m pretty good at it. If you guys think Cain Velasquez hits hard, wait til you see what I’m gonna do.”

So confident is Overeem of finding victory in his UFC debut that he’s calling the finish before the end of the second round – and you can put your money on that.

“I’m gonna beat Brock up. It’s gonna take me no more than two rounds to do that,” Overeem says. “Seeing my experience – I mean, I’m not concerned about his striking at all – his kicking, his punches. His takedowns are gonna give me no trouble at all and that’s why I’m gonna beat him up. I would put my money on the first round, but I can guarantee the second.”

UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem goes down on Friday, December 30, from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Check back on the night for FightLine’s live, ongoing coverage of the event.