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UFC Credits Duane “Bang” Ludwig With Fastest Knockout

All Duane Ludwig wanted for Christmas was props for scoring the quickest knockout in UFC history and, after years of neglect, Dana Claus delivered.

“@DUANEBANGCOM @ufc and for x mas you have the fastest KO in UFC history and it will be changed ASAP,” Tweeted UFC president Dana White on Christmas Eve.

After the urging of fans, as well as the likes of Ariel Helwani and Joe Rogan, White finally gave Ludwig credit for his 2006 starching of Jonathan Goulet at UFC Fight Night 3. Ludwig dropped a charging Goulet to his face, lights out, with a cracking straight right hand at the 4:56 mark of the first round, earning him what should have been the promotion’s fastest knockout. However, due to a sketchy timekeeper, the finish was officially recorded as coming at the eleven-second mark of the first.

Years of campaigning for the right to claim fastest UFC knockout finally culminated in the unofficial records being changed for Ludwig, though Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer refuses to officially acknowledge Ludwig’s accomplishment, saying that his stopwatch clocks the fight’s end coming at eight seconds anyway.

Until Ludwig was recognized, Todd Duffee and Chan Sung Jung held the distinction of holding the promotion’s fastest knockouts, at seven seconds each.