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Brock Lesnar Ready To Beat Overeem Like He’s Frank Mir

During his early run to the top of the UFC heavyweight division, Brock Lesnar looked close to unstoppable. Impressive wins over Heath Herring and Randy Couture saddled the former pro wrestler with great expectations, but when he was matched up again with the only man to have defeated him at that point, Frank Mir, people expected to truly gauge how far the freak athlete had come in MMA and maybe how far he could go.

The ensuing beating that Frank Mir took was legendary, with the picture of Lesnar yelling and shoving his finger into Mir’s battered and swollen face becoming an instant classic. Now removed from the heavyweight throne and looking to make his way back to the top after struggling with his second life-threatening bout of diverticulitis, Lesnar will fight former Strikeforce heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem next Friday for a shot at Junior dos Santos’ strap.

Feeling revived and with no intentions of being denied, Lesnar recently asserted that he’s going to turn in a similarly dominant performance against Overeem as he did Mir in their rematch.

“I am one hundred percent,” Lesnar said of his health. “I am as fast, as strong and as explosive as I’ve ever been and you’re going to see the same guy who beat Frank Mir to a pulp at UFC 100,”

Lesnar also assured that his health is tip-top and that he’s prepared himself to fight for five rounds, though he doubts seriously the bout will last that long.

“Look, I’ve had a great camp. This is the best I have felt in years and ladi-ladi-da… I could go through all the clichés about how in shape I am, but the fact is, I know myself and my own body, and I know that I am back,” said Lesnar. “I’ve trained for five round fights for all my UFC fights, even before I fought for the title. And I defended my title two times against top guys, training for a five round fight. But this isn’t going five rounds. I promise you that.”

Lesnar and Overeem will meet at UFC 141 next Friday, December 30, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.