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Looking To Return To Form, Karo Parisyan Hints At Spring Return

There was a time when Karo Parisyan was a top-ten ranked welterweight, considered to be a legitimate contender to the UFC welterweight throne. The expert Judo player faced his opponents with a specific brand of grappling that confused and stymied the best in the world, winning fights with relentlessness and technical mastery.

Injuries and personal demons would stray Parisyan from that path, sending him on a close to four year long rough patch, which has seen him cut from the UFC and lose three straight, his most recent defeats against unheralded competition. Having gone through all the talk of redemption before, only to fall flat when it mattered, Parisyan is done promising a return to form.

Speaking with FightLine today, the 29-year-old admitted that he simply hasn’t had his heart in fighting lately and struggles to find the motivation which once carried him to great heights.

“I’m not taking any of these fights as serious as I’m supposed to,” Parisyan said of his recent bouts. “Guys I’m supposed to walk over – not walk over, I don’t want to be disrespectful. Guys I’m supposed to beat, I end up going to a split decision loss or a loss because of a cut – the Ryan Ford fight I’m pretty sure I won, but I shouldn’t have event given him the chance to cut me.”

Currently lying dormant and sorting his life out, The Heat still shows the spark that pushed him to victories over the likes of Nick Diaz and Chris Lytle, but it only comes and goes. Though he knows he has a long way to go, even just to get his mind right and in fighting form, Parisyan sees hope on the horizon.

Knowing that he’s making his last stand, Parisyan is taking the time he needs to stoke his spirit before he gets back in the cage, but he’s given himself a deadline. Waiting for the official word to go out before giving too much detail, Parisyan told FightLine that he’s scheduled to appear in a tournament this spring.

“There’s supposed to be a tournament, a big tournament. The press release hasn’t gone out yet, but it will. There’s supposed to be a sixty-man tournament, five weight classes, in Vegas. I’m signed up for this tournament. I’ve already signed a contract and I’m just begging God every night that this tournament actually goes through and it’s legit,” he said. “There’s a big payout for every champion, four fights. This is the fight that I’m signed up to fight for. At this point, honestly, I see it like fifty-fifty. I don’t know if it’s gonna work. … It’s supposed to be the end of February, maybe the first couple of days of March. That first fight.”

With far-off dreams of rediscovering his old UFC glory, Parisyan is keeping his head down and taking things one step at a time, with that first step to possibly come in just a few months.