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Chael Sonnen Is Done With Anderson Silva

Chael Sonnen has done just about everything he could to get a rise out of UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, from openly challenging him to a “loser-leaves-town” match to insulting his wife – but he’s drawn little more than a sigh from The Spider.

Not having gotten the result he was looking for, Sonnen recently told Off the Record’s Michael Landsberg (the same guy that he recently cut off and ditched mid-interview) that he’s over chasing Silva and will look for championship gold in other divisions.

“I’m done with the guy. He and I have no business,” Sonnen said of Silva. “This guy is cold product, man, he’s like Jheri curls and Pepsi Clear. He’s yesterday’s news. I destroyed this guy back when he was tough. That was years ago. He’s so far over the hill and past his prime, it’s not worth talking about. I’m going to become the number one contender on January 28. But despite what you may think, I’m not going to use that voucher to fight Anderson Silva. I’ll be looking at (Junior) dos Santos, (Jon) Jones, and possibly (Georges) St-Pierre. But that – I will take that voucher to Dana White and I will pick one of those three guys. My time with Anderson is done.

“I’m going for a championship match,” he went on. “Anderson Silva is no more the champion than the man on the moon and trying to pretend he is is a waste of my breath. Jon Jones is a real man that’ll accept challenges.”

Before he can gain or lose weight to challenge one of those three men for a title, Sonnen has to get past Mark Muñoz, whom he’ll face on the main card of UFC on Fox 2: Jones vs. Evans this January 28 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.