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Jason “Mayhem” Miller Staying Positive And Pushing Onward

Jason “Mayhem” Miller looked like he was on his way to pulling the upset against Michael Bisping, giving him fits in the first round of their TUF 14 coaches battle, but then he just shut down.

His body quit, either as a result of poor conditioning or an adrenaline dump. Throughout the second and third rounds, all the thirty year old could do was stand up and meet his beating head on, his arms and legs refusing to do much else. He egged Bisping on until the end though, which came in the third round, when the referee had seen enough of a turtled Miller eating knees to the midsection and punches to the side of the head.

The usually loud and colorful personality has been mostly mum since losing the fight, having been forced to endure heaps of criticism from pundits to his boss, UFC president Dana White – but he has no plans on letting any of this sway his course.

“Dana White was right,” Miller wrote in a recent blog post on his personal website. “He made some disparaging comments about my performance, and I agree with him. I displayed the worst of everything that night in the Octagon. I was tense in round one and I locked up after that. I didn’t perform to my potential, and I take full responsibility for it. That wasn’t a UFC caliber performance, and I’m not happy about it- I won’t, however, write a worthless diatribe on myself, because that is not constructive. I elect instead to take this misstep and make something positive out of it.”

Mayhem goes on to write about the power of persistence and positive thinking, how we make our own futures and it’s up to us not to allow ourselves to stay complacent; how we have to find it in ourselves to continue pushing on despite both failure and success.

Admitting that he’s made plenty of mistakes, especially leading up to this fight, Mayhem pledged to continue headlong with his MMA career in the same fashion that he has so far. In order to ensure that he never again shows up in the Octagon looking like he did against Bisping, Miller has joined with his teammate and new UFC addition Siyar Bahadurzada on a journey to improve himself as a man and a fighter.

“Currently I’m in Holland, working on my kickboxing with Siyar Badaharzada (@siyarthekiller) and one of the greatest MMA trainers in the world, Martijn De Jong (@martijndej) as well as teaching here in Europe. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you support me through good times and bad- but I can say that I will put every bit of effort I can muster to succeed in every area of my life, and I hope you’ll be right there to watch.”