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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Discusses Frank Mir Fight

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira has been criticized by the MMA masses for his decision to stop punching and look for a submission on Frank Mir in their fight at UFC 140: Jones vs. Machida recently. Mir, who seemed to be on the verge of defeat, grabbed an arm and locked in a kimura, handing “Minotauro” his first submission loss of his career.

The end result was even worse for Nogueira, as he suffered a broken arm. Surgery was performed, with 16 screws and a plate being inserted into the damaged ligament. Nogueira is looking at several months of rehab, but posted a message on his own web site updating fans on his progress and what happened in the Mir bout.

“Last Saturday I fought and lost via submission for the first time in my career, it was a bad feeling, but it’s part of the sport. I knew I made a mistake as I tried to submit on a fight where I could have won by KO,” Nogueira wrote. “But when Frank Mir was practically knocked out I heard the judge (ask) me to stop punching him at the neck and that exactly when I tried to choke him. Mir put himself together and must be congratulated for submitting me. I checked the video and I wasn’t hitting him on the neck, but on Mir’s side of the head, which is allowed.”

Nogueira went on to talk about trying to work his way back to compete on the second UFC planned card for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2012, adding, “I fight because I like it and feel I’m in one of the best moments of my career.”