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Alistair Overeem Staying On Track For Lesnar Despite Swirl Of Distractions

Murmurs about how he’s attained his god-like physique follow Alistair Overeem wherever he goes, so he’s gotten used to steroid allegations, but the most recent round of questioning in that vein has been from a more official source than just fight fans: the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

There were issues surrounding Overeem’s pre-fight drug test for next Friday’s UFC 141 battle against Brock Lesnar, stemming both from miscommunication and extenuating circumstances. The exact details of how Overeem could and should submit his test to the NSAC was lost in his shuffle back to Holland from the States in order to care for his ailing mother. As a result, The Reem has had his daily life constantly interrupted to comply with the NSAC’s drug testing procedures to ensure that Lesnar vs. Overeem actually happens.

Still, despite the myriad distractions that would likely cause the most even-keeled person to begin tearing at their hair, Overeem maintains that he’s taking everything in stride and keeping his focus on the fight at hand.

“The past week has been somewhat hectic, although I could keep the focus on training, I put the work in this week,” Overeem said earlier this week on a media conference call. “I went out to England to do the urine test. Other than that, I try to keep it as plain and simple as normal. It’s 12 days up until the fight, so basically training, relaxing, of course my mother’s situation, other family and these tests but that’s a week ago already almost.”

“The thing is I started on time with my preparation,” he added. “I already started in August, so I put the work in overall, my conditioning is there, my shape is there, my sharpness is there. I’m good to go.”

Overeem also said that he doesn’t get angry, hurt, or really affected at all by his doubters and detractors, likely because he pays them all little mind.

“Everybody has a right to ask whatever they want and I have a right to respond or to ignore,” he said. “The thing is, I’m very busy with my career — it’s not only just training, it’s a lot of other stuff on top of it, which is assembling the team, PR, doing all these interviews — so, I’m very occupied with that. I simply don’t have the time to get into all these allegations. Usually they’re done over Internet, people that I don’t even know and have never even met.”

UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem goes down next Friday, December 30, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.