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Strikeforce Will Move On Without Heavyweight Division

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

It was announced today on a joint call with Strikeforce, Showtime and Zuffa reps that the Strikeforce promotion will indeed live on, but will do so without the heavyweight division. Citing a lack of depth amongst the big men, UFC president Dana White and Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker explained that Strikeforce will feature the lightweight through light heavyweight men’s divisions, as well as the two existing women’s divisions.

While the exact future of the Strikeforce heavyweights wasn’t disclosed by Coker or White, it was revealed that Josh Barnett and Daniel Cormier will still face off to settle the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix, with the winner fighting one more time in Strikeforce before the division gets its send-off.

“Strikeforce, we’re going to focus on our other weight classes,” said Coker (props to MMAWeekly). “We have a great lightweight division, welterweight, middleweight, and light heavyweight, and we’re going to focus on the women’s divisions, which you’ll see after the event with the tournament finals with Daniel Cormier and Josh Barnett is you’ll see one more fight where the winner will fight a top rated heavyweight and then we’re going to go back to focusing on our other weight classes.”

It’s widely presumed that, as in the cases of Alistair Overeem and Fabricio Werdum, the best of the Strikeforce heavyweight division will be absorbed into the UFC, though nothing has been stated officially in that regard as of yet.