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Overeem Denies Steroid Use, Thinks More Testing Should Be Done With Fighters

Former Strikeforce heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem has been hounded by rumors of steroid usage for years, owing to the fact that he gained upwards of fifty pounds mid-career to transform from a lanky light heavy to the broad-shouldered heavyweight that’s preparing to face Brock Lesnar as a structural equal.

Speculation in that vein piqued this week when Overeem ran into licensing issues with the Nevada State Athletic Commission over his pre-fight drug tests. The issue stemmed from Overeem’s failure to submit a urine sample to the NSAC prior to moving his camp from Las Vegas to the Netherlands to help care for his cancer-stricken mother. Overeem participated in a NSAC hearing earlier this week via telephone, where it was revealed that Overeem had gone out of his way to submit a test upon hearing of the deadline, but submitted the incorrect test.

The NSAC ruled that Overeem should be granted a temporary license, on the conditions that he submit the proper test within three days time and also consent to be tested an additional two times over the subsequent two months. Overeem accepted the terms, telling Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole that he hopes passing the bevy of tests will quell speculation of PED usage.

“I’ll be tested four times in three weeks this month, so after this, there cannot be any more doubts,” Overeem said. “The thing is, I’ve fought in the States before and every time I got tested, I’ve never tested positive. So I don’t know where all [the speculation about steroid use] is coming from. I’m too focused on my career, and I don’t really pay attention to these messages.”

Overeem went on to explain that he’s a proponent for random testing in the sport, as long as it stays random and not applied to apparently suspect individuals.

Between his mother’s ailment and the trouble with the NSAC, Overeem has had to jump around quite a bit throughout his preparation for Brock Lesnar, whom he meets later this month at UFC 141. This will inevitably spark speculation that Overeem may not enter the fight in top form due to all of the distractions and instability laced throughout his camp, but Overeem assured that it won’t hinder him from performing at his best.

“It’s not all that bad,” he said. “It’s a bit of a distraction, but fighting at this level, things hardly ever go perfectly for an entire camp. I’m not bothered by it and I can deal with it. I’ve been through many camps, and I’m used to dealing with different kinds of distractions.”

Overeem and Lesnar are set to do battle on Friday, December 30 in the main event of UFC 141, which takes place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.