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Lil’ Nog On Balancing His Win And His Brother’s Loss

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira didn’t have much time to celebrate his victory before seeing his twin brother lose in dramatic fashion on the same fight card. Lil’ Nog beat down Tito Ortiz in the first round of their UFC 140 light heavyweight match up, finishing the former champ with vicious body blows. In the very next match, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira took on Frank Mir, the first man ever to knock him out, back in 2008.

Big Nog started out very well, staggering Mir with hard punches and looked to have the fight in the bag until Mir rallied and locked on a kimura that would eventually shred the proud Brazilians arm in a most grotesque fashion, marking the first time that Nogueira was submitted in competition. At the UFC 140 post-fight press conference, Lil’ Nog discussed the bittersweet evening and balancing his victory with his brother’s loss.

“There was a lot of training and a lot of practice to get to where he’s got tonight,” said Nogueira’s translator. “It was a great win over Tito, he’s a huge name in the UFC, an ex-champion. It was a great win for him. He was very excited when his brother was fighting, he thought it was going to be the best night of his life. He thought his brother was doing great, but what can you do? Just gotta move forward and come back.”

UFC 140 did not mark the first time that the Nogueira twins have fought on the same card and, unfortunately, it also did not mark the first time that both of them won on the same fight card.

“So, I’ve been fighting with him the last four times. We never win both guys together,” he pointed out. “I lost two times and he lost two times. That’s sports, some things happen. You have to be prepared for everything.”

The 35-year-old snapped a two-fight losing streak by taking out Ortiz and improved his overall record to 20-5. For results and a full recap of the event, click here.