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UFC 140: Jon Jones Vs. Lyoto Machida

The following is from our live coverage of ‘UFC 140: Jones Vs. Machida. To access our full coverage, click here.

Machida looking pumped up and focused on his way to the cage, to Linkin Park as usual. Jonny Bones walks out jubilant, calm and collected. Big John McCarthy will be the third man in the cage for tonight’s main event.

Round 1: Jones crawls out, crouching low to throw Machida off. Machida just hangs back and feels him out. Jones stands upright and they start to test their range. Jones throws a spinning back kick and Machida returns fire with a leg kick. Jones gets in a hard leg kick. He blocks a right hand and pushes Machida off-balance. Machida keeps to his feet and moves clear though. Jones cracks Machida with a leg kick and Machida barely misses on a hard right hand counter. Machida moves in quick and touches Hones with a left hand. Machida lands a good kick to the body and backs Jones up by following him back quickly with punches. It’s a chess match so far, both men trying to figure out the other. Jones whiffs on a right and Machida comes back with a counter. Machida catches Jones with a right straight that backs him up. Machida with another body kick-punch combo that touches Jones. Machida is making Jones miss, both on kicks and punches and coming back with effective counters.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Machida

Round 2: Jones slaps a leg kick and MAchida returns with one inside. Jones lands a glancing side kick. Machida’s timing looks fantastic and he’s actually working well with his opponent’s range, getting in and out on the longer fighter with relative ease. Machida blocks a kick to the body and starts coming after Jones with hard punches. Jones backing up as Machida comes at him hard. Jones avoids taking too many shots, but Machida is giving him a fight. Jones lands a nice right hand and then takes Machida down. Jones lands an elbow that cuts Machida wide open on the forehead. Jones looking to work a headlock. Machida rising to his feet as Jones looks to take his back. BJM stops the fight to have the doctor look at Machida’s forehead cut. It’s a gash, but they’re going to let it continue from the same position. Jones working knees to the legs and body. Machida shakes Jones off but his feet look a little heavier. Machida rips a hard left hand counter, but Jones staggers him with a short left that drops him. Jones presses him into the fence after landing a knee and then slaps on a guillotine choke standing, cranking it until Machida goes to sleep standing. BJM stops it and Machida crumbles to the mat unconscious as Jones walks away.

Jon Jones defeated Lyoto Machida via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:26 of round 2

No, he didn’t have me hurt but he did punch me pretty good. It wobbled me a little bit,” said Jones. “I think it’s good, one of my biggest critic points is that I can’t take a punch. So, I’m glad to prove it to myself and everyone else that I can take a hit.”

Jones gives Machida credit for being a very smart and savvy fighter, the first one to make him face adversity.