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Michael Bisping Denies Cardio’s Role In Victory Over Mayhem

Most people who watched The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale main event between coaches Michael “The Count” Bisping and Jason “Mayhem” Miller last night saw that Bisping was having trouble with Mayhem early on, but then Mayhem gassed out and Bisping fought through his own surprisingly mounting exhaustion to take over the fight.

The Count doesn’t quite see it that way though, telling media at the post-fight press conference (props to MMAJunkie for the quotes) that it wasn’t cardio the issue, neither for himself nor Mayhem.

“I don’t think the cardio was an issue,” Bisping said. “I don’t think anyone’s cardio was the issue. Did you see the pace of the fight? You see how many punches I was throwing? My cardio wasn’t an issue. Far from it. I feel it was a fast pace, and whilst I was tired, I was able to keep the pace up.”

To say that Mayhem’s defeat came about at all because of his apparent adrenaline dump is offensive to the Brit, who believes that Mayhem likely came to fight very well prepared, but tired as a result of the beating he endured.

“It’s nonsense,” he said of the theory that Mayhem lost largely as a result of fatigue. “This is it: Every one of my opponents gasses. Anytime I stop someone, it’s because they gas. Guarantee you Jason didn’t gas. Guarantee you Jason could have gone five rounds. This was a five-round fight. I finished it in the third. This is a big opportunity for Jason. I guarantee you he had the cardio to go five. Guess what? You might have cardio, but when someone’s landing big bodyshots like I was, kneeing you in the stomach and punching you repeatedly in the face, your cardio gets affected. Because I bet the best runners in the world, you kick the s*** out of them, they won’t run quite as well.”

The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale went down last night from the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.