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Video: Michael Bisping Vs. Jason “Mayhem” Miller Highlights

It was no Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami or Forrest Griffin, but UFC president Dana White is calling Michael Bisping vs. Jason “Mayhem” Miller one of the most lopsided fights he’s ever seen.

The fight headlined last night’s The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale event, as the two were opposing coaches during that season. After putting on a strong performance in the first round (Dana White may not think so, but Michael Bisping admitted to Miller giving him a go of it), Mayhem gassed out, possibly the victim of an adrenaline dump and handed the fight to Bisping on a silver platter.

Bisping just kept up his work rate until Miller wilted, unable to do more than keep his hands in front of his face, prompting Steve Mazzagatti to stop the fight in the third round. Was it simply a one-sided beating or was Mayhem the victim of Octagon jitters? Check out the video below for yourself (courtesy ESPN) if you haven’t seen the fight already and decide for yourself. Discuss in the comments section.