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TUF 14 Finale: Michael Bisping Vs. Jason Miller

The following is from our live coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale. To access our full coverage, click here.

Round 1: Miller starts out immediately with a leg kick. Mayhem is backing Bisping up early, landing a nice front kick. Bisping presses Miller into the fence, but Mayhem escapes and lands a nice body kick. Mayhem lands a nice right hand. Mayhem slips a pair of punches and tags Bisping right back before landing a takedown, dropping Bisping against the cage. Mayhem looking to take mount against the fence. Bisping cannot seem to extricate himself and Mayhem lands short punches while Mayhem holds him in the position. Bisping complains to the ref for a stand up, but he’s getting tagged and he cannot free himself. Mayhem takes full mount, but Bisping fight to his feet using the fence. Mayhem landsa nice leg kick. Bisping with a one-two. Mayhem lands a hard jab and then scores with a straight to the body. Bisping lands a left hook. Mayhem lands a left hook. Bisping keeping tight and showing nice technique, but Matyhem is giving him a ton of trouble, going for a takedown at the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Miller

Round 2: Bisping draws blood with a pair of straight and stuffs a takedown. Mayhem showboats and Bisping lands a one-two. Bisping lands an inside leg kick. Mayhem rushes in and drops for the double; Bisping defends and Miller switches to the single. Bisping defends and Miller lands a knee before getting turned into the fence. He fights free immediately and lands a nice jab. Bisping walks away after they clash heads and the action halts. Bisping has a mouse between his eyes now. Mayhem lands with an overhand right. Mayhem eats a few punches when he gets overzealous on a takedown attempt. Bisping lands a hard straight right. Miller is looking tired already, which could be a bad sign considering Bisping’s top conditioning. Mayhem fails on another takedown attempt and looks sloppy doing so. Bisping tries to kick Mayhem’s head while he’s on the ground, blatantly, but he misses. Such a class act. Mayhem tries for a takedown but cannot complete it. Bisping starts to turn it on and Mayhem beckons him on. Mayhem looks very tired and Bisping starts to take the fight over. Mayhem is fighting back, but he’s getting bloody and beaten badly. Bisping is beating Mayhem down, but Mayhem just eggs him on. Mayhem is clearly exhausted, either the victim of an adrenaline dump or a long layoff. The round is winding down and Bisping is on top of Miller pounding away.

Bisping is exhausted too, taking a long time to get up as Miller stands up and shoves off of him.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Bisping

Round 3: Mayhem comes out hard and they both start trading shots from the pocket. Mayhem goes for the takedown and is denied; Bisping backs off and lets him up. Miller with a right hand and Bisping answers with a one-two. Bisping lands a hard right and starts to pepper away at Miller while he covers on the cage and fires one-shot counters. Miller hanging his hands and mouth wide open. Bisping stalking him down and pecking away at him. The action halts as Bisping takes a moment for getting poked in the eye. Both men swollen, Mayhem bleeding. Mayhem drops for the double and Bisping sprawls out of it. Mayhem spins to Mayhem’s back and starts to knee his body and throw punches as Mayhem turtles up. Mazzagatti warns Mayhem to work and he recovers guard. Bisping continues his assault from this position though, further battering Mayhem from the top. Mayhem is just surviving now. Bisping is on him, throwing knees to the body and punches. He lands another knee and Mazzagatti stops it.

Mayhem pops right up, clearly pissed. “I’m alright. I’m just tired.” That looks to be the case.

Michael Bisping defeated Jason Miller via TKO (strikes) at 3:34 of round 3

“Tired,” Bisping replies when asked how he feels. Bisping credits Mayhem for being a “tough son of a gun.” He says that the fans can boo him, but he’s here to entertain. He feels he and Mayhem put on a good season of The Ultimate Fighter and a good fight as well, tells Mayhem congratulations. When asked if he’s ready for Anderson Silva, Bisping says that he was unhappy with his performance.

Miller “I’m sorry guys, I got tired.” Miller says that Bisping deserves their applause as a fighter. Mayhem says he wants right back in the cage.