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TUF 14 Finale: Roland Delorme Vs. Josh Ferguson

The following is from our live coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale. To access our full coverage, click here.

Josh Ferguson showing some nice taste walking to the cage to “Subterranean Homesick Blues” by Bob Dylan, looking ready to go. Delorme follows suit, choosing Aloe Blacc’s “I Need A Dollar” as his theme song.

Round 1: Delorme takes the center and gets clipped right off the back by a right hand from Ferguson. They clinch and Delorme ends up muscling Ferguson to the mat, landing in half guard. Ferguson sweeps from deep half guard when Delorme goes for a guillotine. Ferguson postures and starts to throw some punches from top position. Delorme throws up the triangle; Ferguson slams him, but doesn’t break the hold. He’s hanging in there and defending well, but eating punches from Delorme on the bottom. Delorme doing good work off of his back, landing short punches and elbows while continuing to tighten the triangle. Ferguson showing very solid defense so far, having been in the triangle for most of the round. Ferguson fights free when Delorme tries to change up the sub and takes side control, then mount during a scramble. Ferguson takes his back with thirty seconds to go, attempting several subs before getting reversed. Delorme ends the round on top.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Delorme

Round 2: Ferguson lands two hard hooks as the round’s first significant offense. Ferguson seems to hold the edge standing, landing more frequently and with more power than Delorme. He lands a pair of kicks and a left hand. He catches a kick and lands a glancing overhand right. Both men look to have slowed some from the first, dragging their feet and throwing their punches noticeably slower. Ferguson whiffs on a spinning back fist. Ferguson puts some punches together before taking a left from Delorme. Delorme lands two knees in a brief clinch. Ferguson with a good body kick. He eats a knee to the gut but puts Delorme on his back with a little under two minutes left. Delorme attempting to get to his feet and Ferguson threatens with the guillotine. He keeps the hold and they both hit the mat, but he loses it and they get back to their feet. Ferguson staggers Delorme with a hard left; another. Delorme lands a takedown to end the round in Ferguson’s guard.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Ferguson

Round 3: They touch gloves to start the final round. Ferguson gets sat on his butt by a left hand delivered by Delorme and gets his back taken immediately. Delorme slaps on the rear naked almost immediately and forces the tap in short order.

Roland Delorme defeated Josh Ferguson via submission (rear naked choke) at :22 of round 3