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Video: Michael Bisping’s Outburst At Yesterday’s Weigh-Ins

As noted yesterday, Michael Bisping lost his cool at yesterday’s The Ultimate Fighter 14 weigh-ins.

After opponent Jason “Mayhem” Miller cut a short interview and proceeded to tell the crowd to boo his opponent, Bisping took the mic and didn’t exactly endear himself to the crowd. When Joe Rogan asked the audience to show some love for the former Ultimate Fighter winner, Bisping launched into a profanity laced outburst.

“I couldn’t give a f–k about getting f—king love,” exclaimed Bisping. “All I care about smashing this d–khead’s face in. F–k you all!”

You can watch the outburst below. Don’t forget to check back later this evening for FightLine’s live, ongoing coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale, beginning with the preliminary card.