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“The Ultimate Fighter 14″ Episode Ten Recap

John Dodson talks about how awkward it is fighting his Team Miller teammate Johnny Bedford with him watching him during training. Bedford is fine with fighting Dodson, because he feels that he’s a bad matchup for him and because Dodson’s a snitch.

Jason Miller said that Dodson and Bedford should pick an assistant coach that they most feel comfortable with to corner them and he’ll sit out on the side. Miller said he’s not going to be involved in the fight, but wants his fighters to put on their best fight.

Bedford says that he plans to take Dodson down over and over and break him, while Dodson noted that he’s never been taken down. Dodson said that even though he might be the smallest guy, he has long arms and will use his reach to his advantage.

At the weigh-ins, Bisping asks Miller who wins, and Miller replies, “the fans win.” Bisping mocks him for giving a PC answer. Dana White talks about how the size difference makes a big difference in the fight.

Johnny Bedford vs. John Dodson
Round 1: Dodson is able to stuff a takedown early. Dodson is getting the better of Bedford in the stand up with his quick punches. Bedford clinches Dodson against the cage, but Dodson quickly breaks free. Bedford lands some nice knees to the body, while Dodson tags Bedford with several crisp punches. Beford is able to take Dodson to the ground, but Dodson gets up quickly. Dodson gets a takedown of his own as the round ends. 10-9 round for Bedford.

Round 2: Both fighters are swinging wildly at the start. Dodson nailed Bedford with a hard left on the button that floored Bedford. Dodson followed up with a flurry of hammer fists to finish the fight.

John Dodson defeated Johnny Bedford via KO in Round 2.

After the fight a doctor asked Bedford where he was, and Bedford replied, “Ohio.”

Dodson said that he planned to go to the finale and win the whole thing. Bedford was upset, and said that he was surprised that Dodson had the power to knock him out.

Bryan Caraway is talking to Bedford in a hot tub, remarking how everyone is talking about how strong Diego Brandao is.

Bisping said that Diego is his top pick because he’s a beast, and credits him for how well rounded he is. Diego said that he feels like he’s won the fight already.

Bryan is talking to his team about how he’s thrown up before all of his fights except for the last three, and is talking about how hard the sport is because of the pressure. Miller reminds him how great it is to be in his position.

Miller admits that Bryan has a tough opponent in Diego, but feels that he has the skills to beat him.

Josh Ferguson talked about how Bryan is scared of Diego, and for good reason. Bedford said that he doesn’t understand why everyone’s so scared of Diego, as he’s seen him lose in person. Bisping is trying to get Miller to bet on the fight. He offers a $100 bet, and Miller accepts.

Mandatory party in the house. Miller comes into the house on a bike in his undies and rides the bike into the pool. The guys later are playing beer pong outside and are having a good time while Diego is in the house sitting in a chair. Diego said that he’s getting angry with all the partying because he comes from a poor family and he needs to win this. Bryan is talking to an assistant coach, and is nervous as hell. His nervous energy is making me nervous.

Bryan Caraway vs. Diego Brandao
Round 1: Diego runs in at the outset. Diego stuffs some of Bryan’s takedowns early. Fight stays standing with Diego landing the harder shots. Bisping yelling at Diego to let his hands go. Diego lands a huge flying knee that sends Bryan to the mat, and follows up with some vicious ground and pound. Diego stays on him, but Bryan makes his way back to his feet. Diego continues on the attack and is pounding on Bryan, who hits the mat again. Diego spends the next minute or so nailing Bryan with power shots and knees, before knocking him out with 45 seconds left in the round.

Diego Brandao defeated Bryan Caraway via KO in Round 1.

Dana White is impressed with Diego and feels that he can be a force if he continues to finish his opponents like this.

After the fight, Diego is calling Dennis Bermudez out for talking “sh-t” the night before. Dennis is fine with it, even though he didn’t talk sh-t.

So it’s Diego Brandao vs. Dennis Bermudez in the featherweight finals this Saturday, and John Dodson vs. T.J. Dillashaw in the bantamweight finals.

Dana White talks about the season, saying that it was amazing with great fights, great knockouts and a high caliber of fighters making it to the finals.

Bisping and Miller then get face to face and talk smack, hyping Saturday’s fight.

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