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Michael Bisping Respects Mayhem, But Is Confident He’ll Get TKO Victory

Michael Bisping and Jason “Mayhem” Miller did their best to form a rivalry during their stint as opposing coaches on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter and, though much of it was forced, called for by their roles on the show, some of the anger and annoyance that exists between them now is clearly real.

Despite the ill-will that the two men fostered and the fact that Bisping has repeatedly asserted his belief that Miller is a lesser fighter than himself, he won’t be making the pitfall of taking his opponent too lightly or writing off victory as a done deal before stepping into the cage. In a recent interview with FightHubTV, Bisping admitted his respect for Miller’s skills and career, but explained that he doesn’t believe Mayhem’s as tough as many of the fighters he’s already faced.

“Mayhem Miller, you know, he’s a tough guy. I’m not discrediting him at all. He’s been around a long, long time. He’s a dangerous opponent,” said Bisping. “He’s pretty decent on the feet, He’s (got) unorthodox strikes, so that’s gonna create a problem. On the floor, he’s very, very dangerous, as I said. But, I’ve been in there with Denis Kang, Chris Leben, Dan Henderson, Rashad Evans, Matt Hamill, Wanderlei Silva – I’ve been in there with the best the sport’s got to offer. He’s not the toughest opponent that I’ve faced and, not only that, his style of fighter – a guy that’s trying to take me to the ground and submit me – I’ve fought those many, many times in my career, so I know exactly how to fight this style of opponent. I’m not underestimating him, I’m not expecting an easy fight, I’m not expecting to walk through him, but I’m confident going into this match-up.”

So confident is Bisping that he believes he can become the second person ever to earn a TKO over the seasoned Miller.

“I think I’m gonna TKO him in the second or third round,” he predicted.

The two middleweights will square off this Saturday at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas for The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale. You can check out the full video of Bisping’s interview with FightHub below.