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Thompson Vs. Pudzianowski Decision Changed To No Contest

A two-round heavyweight match-up at KSW 17 in Poland over the weekend between Polish strongman Marius Pudzianowski and English fighter James “The Colossus” Thompson was controversially declared a majority decision victory in Pudzianowski’s favor. Being that the bout took place in Pudzianowski’s home country, the judges’ ruling immediately looked like a work, prompting Thompson to snatch the mic like Kanye West and blast the crowd and the promotion for the travesty.

Turns out, all the fuss was over a simple judge’s mistake. MMAFighting reports that judge Piotr Baginski scored the fight for Thompson, but told ring officials that he had the bout for Pudzianowski. Had he relayed his actual verdict, the bout would have gone to a third, overtime round to decide the fight.

Instead, Pudzianowski was called the victor and Thompson was seemingly robbed. To right that wrong, KSW officials announced today that the bout’s ruling would officially be changed to a No Contest as a result of the judging error.

“Due to the fact that the overtime round did not happen, KSW owners along with KSW officials have decided to erase this fight from fighters’ records and declare the sixth bout at KSW 17 a no contest,” said KSW officials.

Thompson and Pudzianowski now stand at 16-14 and 3-2, respectively. You can check out a video of Thompson’s entertaining post-fight outburst below.