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Dana White: The UFC Is Going On With Or Without Me

Since spearheading the resurrection of the UFC, taking it with the help of the Fertitta brothers from a promotion gasping its last breaths to the rapidly growing worldwide phenomenon it is now, UFC president Dana White has become the face of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

While he’s not the only one making calls behind closed doors, Dana White is clearly a big reason that the UFC and MMA are as wildly popular as they are now. He has become much more than his title, he has become part of the show, an integrated element that we’ve come to associate as the ring leader to the UFC’s traveling circus.

Regardless, White himself doesn’t believe his absence from the promotion would in any way hinder it’s growth. He recently told MMAWeekly following a hectic stretch of MMA that included the UFC’s Fox debut and Card of the Year candidate UFC 139 that, if he ever gets too run down to go on, the UFC will march right on without him.

“This is McDonald’s man. This thing goes on forever without me,” White asserted. “Is it different without me? Yeah, maybe it’s a little different, but they don’t need me, man. This thing’s goin’ on without me or with me.”

Check out MMAWeekly’s entire video below.