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Brittney Palmer As Surprised As Anyone By Her UFC Re-Hiring

She wasn’t gone for long, but Octagon girl Brittney Palmer’s absence was felt profoundly by MMA fans, whose call for her return was so loud that UFC president Dana White reinstated her as a regular addition to the UFC’s trio of ring card girls.

White asked his Twitter followers recently if they wanted to see Brittney back and their overwhelmingly positive response to the query prompted the UFC boss to bring Palmer back into the fold – without her knowledge.

Taking an indefinite hiatus from the UFC to attend art school, Palmer explained in a recent appearance on MMAWeekly Radio that she found out about her re-hiring by the UFC the same way that everyone else did: through Twitter.

“It was just as much a shock to me as it was to everyone,” said Palmer told MMAWeekly. “I just woke up to a couple thousand new followers, and all these things and I’m like where is this coming from? Then I saw Dana’s tweet and I was just like, ‘Hell yeah, rock and roll.’ I’m so excited and so stoked to be back, but I never really went anywhere. I was just kind of taking a break to go to school, and I just didn’t have time to start school and take every class seriously and travel, so I knew I’d be back, I just wasn’t exactly sure when. I guess sooner than later.”

Palmer said that she was “flattered” by the outpouring of fan support for her, adding that “it’s cool to think even though I’m just the girl that holds the card, I have as many fans as I do. I feel blessed.”

Palmer didn’t commit to a specific event for her return, but hinted that fans may see her donning the ring girl uniform early next month at UFC 140: Jones vs. Machidaa in Toronto.