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Junior Dos Santos Believes Cain Velasquez Knew About Knee Injury

Many were critical of Cain Velasquez and his plan of attack against Junior dos Santos in their bout for the UFC heavyweight title, as Velasquez decided to stand and trade with “Cigano.” The result was not good, as dos Santos earned a TKO victory in the first round and won the UFC title.

Now, dos Santos is wondering if Velasquez knew about his torn meniscus ahead of the bout. Dos Santos recently underwent surgery to repair his ligament issue and is awaiting the Brock Lesnar-Alistair Overeem bout to find out his next opponent.

“His strategy we knew that was to take me down but I don’t know whether he knew about my injury on the left knee,” said dos Santos, in a recent interview with “Bem Amigos” (thanks to for transcribing). “But in one minute, he kicked me seven times and accepted to trade on the feet, something I think he wouldn’t do in a normal situation.”

Did Velasquez know about dos Santos’ injury? Is that why he decided to stand and trade with him instead of relying on his excellent ground game? Let us know what you think in our “Comments” section below.