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The Daily Line: Rally Together For Dan Miller

If The Underground has taught us anything, it’s that MMA fans are a passionate – if often profane and petty – lot, who are quick to take action to right wrongs or support a just cause; there may be no cause worth supporting more than this one, so this is a call to rally.

You probably know Dan Miller as one half of the fighting Miller brothers, a hard-nosed fighter from New Jersey who’s hung around the middle of the pack at 185lbs. throughout his ten-fight UFC career. What you may not know is that Miller has been waging high-stakes battles of the utmost importance outside of the Octagon since 2009.

Miller and his wife Kristin lost their daughter Alexis not long after she came into the world and their young son Daniel Jr. was diagnosed with the very rare disorder autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease in infancy. The disease, which is often fatal, results in enlarged, cyst-covered kidneys and is very expensive to treat. Danny currently undergoes dialysis everyday and will soon receive a kidney transplant, greatly lessening, but not ending completely, his struggle. That operation and the follow-up care necessary will be very expensive, with the Miller’s looking at paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000 every month for their son’s medication alone.

Neither the operation or the medication will be fully covered by the Miller’s insurance, so this is our opportunity to step up as a community and rally around the Miller’s to help support them in their struggle.

If you live in the New Jersey area and wish to show your support, stop by the AMA Fight Club in East Whippany on December 3 for a “super seminar” featuring Dan and his brother Jim, as well as Charlie Brenneman. There will be fight memorabilia sold and all proceeds will go to the Daniel James Miller Foundation.

Visit the Daniel James Miller Foundation’s Facebook page by clicking here to learn more about the seminar and to show your support.

To make a donation, click here.

Things are tight for everyone everywhere, but anything you can spare will help. Forego tonight’s six pack and send what you can to the Millers; the money is as much a gift as it is a message of solidarity. Let’s step up and see to it that the Millers enjoy many more holidays with their son.