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Stephan Bonnar Apologizes To Koscheck, Ends T-Shirt Feud

Stephan Bonnar was confident he would defeat Kyle Kingsbury last night and in victory, he planned to call out his TUF 1 castmate Josh Koscheck to a catchweight grudge match, to settle a t-shirt beef that’s gone to court.

The feud started when Bonnar used Koscheck’s likeness for his line of Trash Talkin’ Kids t-shirts, against Koscheck’s wishes. So, Koscheck filed a lawsuit against Bonnar’s t-shirt production company, NGAUGE, and Bonnar called him out.

“Words cannot describe how bad I want to kick Josh Koscheck’s ass right now,” Bonnar said at a UFC Fight Club Q&A. “Sometimes I can’t sleep at night because I’m up just thinking about all the things I want to do to him – and kick his a**.”

Last night, after his unanimous decision victory over Kingsbury, Bonnar indeed got the mic and sent a message to Koscheck, but he’d had a change of heart over what he wanted to say.

“I had this big plan to get this win and call out (Josh) Koscheck, but something about fighting makes you be honest with yourself, and the truth is he asked me not to make those shirts and I did anyways,” said Bonnar. “So, Koscheck I apologize, you taught me a valuable lesson. So from now on moving forward, fighters have to approve of the shirts and they get paid on every one sold.”

Koscheck responded shortly afterward through Twitter: “hey @StephanBonnar that was class act. What a stand up guy for saying that…Congrats on ur win tonight. WOW!”

And just like that, a beef is squashed.