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Freddie Roach Adds To Dan Henderson’s Legend

If you watched the UFC 139: Shogun vs. Henderson pre-fight press conference, you had the pleasure of listening to Urijah Faber tell some tales about MMA’s John Wayne, Dan Henderson.

When Faber was just a young buck yet to make his bones in the sport, he had the privilege of training with MMA legends like Randy Couture and Hendo. Looking to get a leg up where he could, Faber asked one of Henderson’s training partners how much Dan usually ran, to which the training partner replied, “Dan hasn’t run in thirteen years.”

The California Kid also regaled those gathered with the story of the year that Henderson decided to take off from competition to party, only to return untrained to win a national wrestling tournament.

And if you haven’t heard the one about Hendo and Randy Couture handling a group of bouncers over a baseball bat, you should really do yourself a favor and check out Aaron Crecy of Clinch Gear’s account of the incident.

Adding to the bank of stories about Hendo is renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach, who gave FightHubTV the following tidbit about the time he held mitts for Temecula’s toughest man.

“Dan Henderson, his whole camp used to come up here for boxing. I was doing the mitts with Dan one day and I was playing around with him and I think I kicked him in the shin a little bit,” said Roach. “Just like, my little MMA knowledge – I know so little – and he got me in a headlock. I said, ‘Hey Dan, that’s enough!’ because he’s f***ing strong, you know? I though he was going to break my neck. I have no doubt he could’ve. Dan’s a strong guy and a good guy, I like Dan.”

Check out the video below and don’t forget to take a look at FightLine’s live, ongoing coverage of UFC 139: Shogun vs. Henderson fight card.