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Chael Sonnen Adds Junior Dos Santos To His List Of Enemies

Chael Sonnen made some interesting comments in regards to new UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos on the most recent edition MMA Live.

Sonnen believes that the most important story coming out of dos Santos’ win over Cain Velasquez at UFC on FOX 1: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos was “Cigano” saying he had a torn meniscus in his knee that he competed with. Sonnen, the former No. 1 contender to the UFC middleweight title, doesn’t think dos Santos really had a knee injury.

“Biggest story coming out of this night, I’m not going to let us move on until we talk about this – Junior dos Santos saying he’s got a knee injury. Look, if that’s marketing, fine,” Sonnen said (thanks to for transcribing). “If he legitimately had an injury, this is the biggest story to come out of that night because that is a violation against the Athletic Commission. He signs, under penalty of perjury, a letter stating that he is not hiding any ailment. At best, that’s a fine, at worst that’s a suspension. I think its marketing. I think he’s lying to the media, and that’s fine. If he lies to the government, big problems.”

Franklin McNeil, a fellow analyst on the show, noted that dos Santos had already undergone surgery to correct the issue.

Check out the video below of Sonnen on MMA Live. And let us know what you think about Sonnen’s claims in our “Comments” section below.