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Shane Carwin’s Surgery Successful: “I Made It Out Alive”

Ever a man of the people, UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin took to The Underground mixed martial arts forum today to announce that he’s alive and well following extensive back surgery.

The Engineer went under the knife yesterday to fix a bulging disc which was pinching his spinal cord, undergoing a procedure which he described during a recent appearance on HDNet’s Inside MMA thus: “what they’re going to do is actually drill out the bone in my spine to give that spinal cord some room in there.”

Carwin told fans that his doctors – in addition to finding and repairing a separate herniated disc – believe they’ve completely fixed his back injury and that he sees himself climbing back to the top in no time.

“I made it out alive,” Carwin wrote. “I am on some heavy meds but I already have my Carwin walk out tee on. I am ready! They found a pretty bad herniated disc while performing the surgery and they repaired that too. My doctor was surprised that I could do what I do with my back in such bad shape. He said I am as good as new now. That mountain top does not look so far away. Thanks to you the UG for the support.”

Sporting a record of 12-2, the 36-year-old former UFC interim heavyweight champion recently suffered his only two losses back-to-back, dropping consecutive contests to Brock Lesnar and Junior dos Santos. He has said that he expects a ten-week recovery.