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“UFC 139: Shogun Vs. Henderson” Media Conference Call Notes And Quotes

UFC 139: Shogun Vs. Henderson goes down this Saturday from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. The blockbuster fight card will feature a five-round, non-title fight between Pride veterans Dan Henderson and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, as well as a middleweight clash between hard-charging strikers Wanderlei Silva and Cung Le.

All four of those fighters participated in a media conference call today in promotion of the bout; the following are notes and quotes from the call. Don’t forget to check back on Saturday for FightLine’s live, ongoing coverage of the event.

-Henderson says it feels good to know that he’s going to finish his career in the UFC. “I’m excited about it and the fact that they’ve got a pretty big Fox deal now is exciting to me as well.”

-“I definitely feel like I’ve got a lot of fight left in me.” – Henderson

-Shogun says he’s one hundred percent recovered from his injuries and he hopes to stay active from now on, admitting that it’s hard to come back in top form after long layoffs.

-I never give up. I’m healthy, I feel good. I’m in great condition and I’m going to prove that Saturday. – Wanderlei Silva

-I liked to represent Strikeforce while I was their champion, but, first and foremost, I look to represent myself and what I’ve done in my career. – Henderson

-Wanderlei says he’s not thinking about the future of his career, believes his performance on Saturday will warrant him fighting again.

-Earning a UFC title is definitely on my list, but I have to get past Shogun first. – Henderson

-Shogun says his brother Murilo “Ninja,” who battled Henderson during Pride, helped him a lot in developing his strategy for this fight.

-Hendo says he guesses he can get knocked out, he’s lucky to not get hit on the button, wishes Shogun luck on being the first to do it.

-Cung Le isn’t thinking about fighting for the title at all, he has a dream match-up with Wanderlei Silva in front of him that requires all of his attention.

-Henderson “completely happy” with how things went in regards to leaving the UFC after UFC 100, competing for Strikeforce and now ending back up in the UFC.

-“It’s like going from the CFL to the NFL” – Le on going from Strikeforce to the UFC

-“If I was to cut weight, there would only be one match-up I would do that for.” – Hendo on Anderson Silva fight at middleweight.

Got any early predictions for Shogun vs. Hendo, or Silva vs. Le? What about Bowles-Faber or the rest of the card? Put on your analyst’s hat and make your picks in the comments section.