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Shane Carwin Goes Under The Knife, Expects Ten Week Layoff

Former UFC interim heavyweight champion Shane Carwin went in early this morning to undergo major back surgery, one of many intensive operations he’s had performed to his spinal cord during his athletic career. Carwin appeared on HDNet’s Inside MMA last night to discuss the injury and the operation, explaining that he’ll be undergoing a similar surgery to the one he had performed this time last year on his neck.

“It’s basically the middle of my back. I’ve got a disc that’s pressing into my spinal cord and it’s basically removed all the spinal fluid around the area,” Carwin said of the injury.

Carwin related the story of how he initially injured his back during a seminar, losing all use of his legs for about fifteen seconds after getting taken down during a demonstration. The sensation terrified The Engineer, who was left with two options: quit fighting as a result of the injury, or undergo advanced surgery to continue his fighting career. The 36-year-old explained the surgery to hosts Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten, saying that “what they’re going to do is actually drill out the bone in my spine to give that spinal cord some room in there.”

Carwin’s last operation kept him out of action for about two months and he revealed that this surgery will leave him looking at a similar timeline to return.

“I think I’m probably only looking at about 10 weeks with that, similar to the neck injury that I had,” “This is the third time my back’s been operated on.”

You can check out Carwin’s full appearance on Inside MMA below.